LIFE AgriAdapt - Sustainable Adaptation of Typical European Farming Systems To Climate Change

LIFE AgriAdapt is a European project sponsored by the LIFE programme of the European Union. It will demonstrate how sustainable adaptation measures can help livestock, arable and permanent crop farms become more climate resilient.

It will also explore the other positive environmental benefits of these measures. Partners will develop actions in close collaboration with farmers, experts, administrations, agricultural schools and private entities in order to obtain transferrable results.

Project implementation is organized in accordance with the four main EU Climate Risk Regions: Southern Europe, Western Europe, Central Europe and Northern Europe.

The AgriAdapt project will focus on the adaptation measures that maintain or improve the farm competitiveness, that address other environmental challenges and, of course, that enhance the farm resilience to climate change. We are interested in demonstrating in the main four Climate Risk Areas of the EU that other environmental and socioeconomic synergies can be met when fighting against climate change, such as ecosystem services maintenance, biodiversity conservation, water and air quality, better jobs, integration of vulnerable communities, better supply security for the industry, etc.

The overall objective of the AgriAdapt project is to demonstrate that three of the most important farming systems in the EU (livestock, arable and permanent crops) will become more climate-resilient through the implementation of feasible and sustainable adaptation measures which also have positive crosscutting environmental benefits. To this end, different measures will be tested in pilot farms across the four main EU Climate Risk Regions and the conclusions obtained will be used to elaborate General proposals for key farming systems.

The specific objectives of the project are:

to develop and test a common methodology (decision supporting tool)
to test sustainable measures and management approaches in 120 pilot farms
to promote sustainable adaptation measures among farmers, farmers associations, technical consultants, food standard organisations and agricultural assurance companies
to raise awareness and train current and future farmers on sustainable adaptation options at farm level
to transfer best practices and know-how to political, agricultural and food business stakeholders and contribute to the development and implementation of EU, national and regional policies.

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