Regional energy from regional wood

Wood stemming from landscape-maintenance gains value: since prices for wood continue rising and possibilities for using wood as energy-supply are continually improving, wood from landscape-maintenance is no longer considered "waste". On the contrary this wood is considered a valuable ressource. But there are still some problems which have to be adressed. In this context a accompanying consultation to evaluate and guide the usage of the wood is important, since some criteria for sustainability have to be met.

The main goal of the project is to strengthen de-central usage of wood from landscape maintenance in suitable wood chip facillities.

Detailled goals of the project:

  • Identification and dissemination of up to now unused regional cooperations in the field of usage of energy-wood by means of a guide for municipalities.
  • Exchange of ideas and knowledge for experts by means of a convention.
  • Analysis of possibilities of usage of the wood from landscape-maintenance in existing wood chips facillities.
  • Guideline containing information for producing and storage (dehydration) of high quality wood chips from the landscape