power kids

Giving children with and without handicaps the opportunity to get in touch with bioenergy is the heart of the project “power kids”, managed by Lake Constance Foundation.

 While adults have been discussing positive and negative aspects of bioenergy for years, children have not had the chance until now to become involved in regional development processes. This is changing with the environmental education project called Power Kids, in which Lake Constance Foundation introduces the subject to children in primary schools. Pupils are being encouraged to form their own views and investigate for themselves the advantages of sustainable energy use.

The project started in early 2014 and addresses to inclusive classes to explore and experience all the different aspects of energy.

By taking part in excursions or doing experiments with individual materials, the children learn to know the topic through play.

They are also inspired to express their thoughts and experiences in a creative way, which leads to the creation of individually designed pieces of ‘energy art’. The children’s creativity can in turn enhance current debate.

The project “power kids” was developed by Lake Constance Foundation and was successfully submitted to the program “Learning sustainability – children creating the future”, initiated by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung.

This project is a first step in familiarizing primary school children with the concept of regional bioenergy.


Volker Kromrey (volker.kromrey@bodensee-stiftung.org; 07732-999548)

Antje Föll (antje.foell@bodensee-stiftung.org; 07732-999546)