Network Blooming Lake Constance

The Network aims at winning over, inform, educate and consult partners (municipalities, farmers, administrations and companies) who will stand up for the bee- and insect-friendly cultivation and upkeep of the landscape.

The situation for pollinating insects - especially for wild bees - becomes less fortunate every year: Especially the "sumer slump" between June and October when almost no supply of pollen and nectar can be found hits the bees harder with every passing year. The situation is worsened by the intensification of agriculture. The decline of not-cultivated areas and the increase of cultivations of energy-plants will further decrease the food supply for bees and the Lake Constance Region will become less blossom-rich. Furthermore beekeepers are complaining that less borders of acres have blooming flowers every year and that mowing-times and inermediary fruits  are not bee-friendly.

Since 2007 the Lake Constance Foundation works intensivley with local beekeepers and municipalities of the county of Constance and Bodenseekreis to improve the situation. A pollination service has been initiated and an action plan for bee-friendly range land has been worked out.

In 2009 the activities of the Lake Constance Foundation concerning bee-friendly cultivation will evolve into the campaign "Network Blooming Lake Constance" to improve and support the implementation of the action plan.


Start of the project: May 2009, project's lifetime: 3 years

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