Managing Urban Europe 25

Since the spring of 2005 The Lake Constance Foundation takes part in three-year EU project "Managing Urban Europe 25" and its German counterpart "Municipal Sustainable Management" (Kommunales Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement). The goal is to broaden the experience base for municipal implementation of environmental management systems, and additionally, building on these concrete experiences, to provide an instrument of sustainability management (Sustainable Urban Management - SUM) that European and German municipalities can implement and adapt, and pass on as a model for other municipalities.
The project is developed by the European Commission, Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt, and the Baden-Württtemberg Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry for the Environment, Health and Consumer Protection of Bavaria.

The SUM should apply to the entire municipality (functional urban area) and stress the municipal environmental qualities, act integratively and bear on societal participation. It uses and upgrades stable and acknowledged environmental management systems. At the European level the project is coordinated by the international city network "Union of the Baltic Cities" (UBC). The further project partners are the international city network "Local Governments for Sustainability" (ICLEI) and the Lake Constance Foundation along with other organizations, who are in charge of the German module.

At the European level following municipalities participate in the project: Turku and Lahti (Finnland), Växjö (Sweden), Leeds and Lewes (England), Ancona and the Siena region (Italy), Riga (Latvia), Kaunas und Siauliai (Lithuania), Siòfok und Balatonfüred (Hungary) and Oslo (Norway). The German module is as far represented by the following municipals, who declared to implement and test SUM in their administration: Würzburg, Berlin-Lichtenberg, Tübingen, Ludwigsburg, Donaueschingen, Nordhausen, Neu-Ulm and the Ascha community. Participation of other municipalities is intended. Through international workshops and township partnership programmes the participants of the project "Managing Urban Europe 25 - Sustainable Municipal Management" have a unique chance for intensive experience exchange at the international level.

Best experiences gained from the ECOLUP project in the last years are to be incorporated in the new project.

The project has its own homepage at Further information about the project can be found on the homepage of our partner ICLEI.

Current issues are available in German at:
Praxisleitfäden zum kommunalen Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement online!