Landscape-Trail Hardtseen

The new trail offers on twelve boards entertainingly presented information on nature, agriculture and landscape in the protected area west of Gottmadingen. The project is implemented by the Lake Constance Foundation together with the local chapter of the BUND-Gottmadingen, local farmers and beekeepers and in close cooperation with de municipality of Gottmadingen.

The project is funded by PLEMUM western Lake Constance region, the European Outdoor Group and local businessman.

The Gottmadinger Hardtseen and the Heilsberg are an attractive landscape especially suited to demonstrate the interactions of nature conservation, cultural landscape and agriculture.
The trail educates the public about the high value of the area for example in terms of biodiversity. The boards deliver special attention to educating children.
A major topic of the trail is the adaptation of agricultural activities to the special needs of the area's vulnerable ecosystem. The farmer's achievements for the protection of the landscape are demonstrated and their marketing-structures are supported.