Lake Constance Compact - Advanced Training for Teachers

On the Romans in Constance, cows at the swamps, the glacier at Höri or fleas in the water - the teaching staff got a chance to gain multifaceted knowledge about the Lake Constance and was shown some exciting open-air teaching sites during the four-day-seminar "Lake Constance Compact".

The goal of this advanced training was to present manifold possibilities for active explorations of Lake Constance landscapes and their incorporation into education.

The subject spectrum for "Lake Constance Compact" was very wide. Presented themes included prehistoric pile dwelling settlements, excavations at the Cathedral in Constance, the Goldbach mines under the Third Reich or the history of Jews in the Lake Constance region. The participants experienced the geological developments of Lake Constance landscapes and investigated the Lake's ecology.

Subject experts presented the issues of nature conservation, agriculture and forestry in such a way as to enable the teachers to replicate such informative courses at anytime with students on the spot. The workshop ended with a visit in the Green School at the Mainau Island.

Workshop participants received all the course data, as well as the complementary materials for practical use in tuition, in the form of course folders and on CDs.