Lake-Constance-Breakfast ... our breakfast! 3.6 million overnight stays at Lake Constance per year make the region one of the best known touristic destinations of Germany. Thus, hotels and guesthouses offer a huge potential to promote regional environmentally friendly food. Up to now this potential has not been properly used. Especially the breakfasts offer a good opportunity for hotel-owners to present regional products and by this distinguishing themselves from standarized breakfast-offerings.

The Lake-Constance-Region offers a variety of products: dairy-products, eggs, frutis and vegetables, sparkling wine, cereals and more...

In cooperation with the DEHOGA of the county of Cosntance the Lake Constance Foundation started the first regional breakfast-offerings for hotels and guesthouses. The project was supported by PLENUM western region of Lake Constance.

Official homepage of Lake-Constance-Breakfast (German).