Good Bioenergy Villages in Baden-Württemberg

The aim of the project “Good Bioenergy Villages in Baden-Württemberg“ is to improve the energy efficiency of the utilization of heat, e.g. of biogas plants, wood-chip heating systems or industrial waste heat.

Despite many bioenergy villages, which have been implemented in the last several years, only a third of all biogas plants has a decent concept of thermal use. It takes a consequent utilization of existing heat potential to reach the target of state government of Baden-Württemberg for 2020. This target is to increase the percentage of renewable energies and heat supply from 11 to 16 percent.

The project of the Lake Constance Foundation in cooperation with the Clean Energy GmbH is sponsored with 200.000 Euros over two years by the Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector of Baden-Württemberg. The project extends over the areas of Freiburg and Tübingen and includes

  • Registering bioenergy plants with or without insufficient thermal use
  • Offer a first mentoring for local authorities for free
  • Arrange a analysis of existing potentials for local authorities to convince prospective investors
  • Create custom-tailored drafts and feasibility studies
  • Offer information meetings for citizens, local authorities, district councils and future investors
  • Organizing guided tours for current bioenergy villages
  • Demonstrate different ways of financing of small district heating systems and bioenergy villages
  • The project funding is supported by the district of Schwarzwald-Baar.
    Other partners are the solarcomplex AG, the association of co-operatives of Baden-Württemberg, the energy agency of Freiburg and professional association of biogas.



Dimitri Vedel

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