Fruit brandy from Hegau - Lake Constance region: schnapps drinkers turn to conservationists!

Protection and development of existing meadow orchard crops in Western Lake Constance region is the central component of the regional nature preservation strategy. The poor economic situation of fruit brandy leads to insufficient care and use of standard trees.

For the protection and future development of meadow orchards, which are mostly used by blowers, the Lake Constance Foundation together with Bavarian Small and Fruit-Blower Alliance and engaged blowers introduced clear producing and processing guidelines and a marketing strategy for regional fruit brandy. The next step was the creation and development of a label and image for direct marketing and upscale gastronomy. Common calendars of events and internal courses for quality assurance are further measures to establish local fruit brandy as long-term and central culinary product for the Lake Constance region.

Interested blowers please refer to the Lake Constance Foundation (Patrick Trötschler, Tel: 07732-999541).