Floating classroom with the solar boat HELIO

The Lake Constance Foundation has developed an educational programme "Floating classroom" together with the Environmental Foundation Alliance and the Deutsche Umwelthilfe. Thanks to the programme students and teachers have a possibility to get to know the Lake Constance, its nature and the solar boat Helio, as well as to catch up on photovoltaic-energy, water protection and environmentally sound tourism at and around the Lake.

On board the solar boat a variety of disciplines can be taught in a supportive environment. The adventure pedagogy with a high degree of experimentation encourages students to explore natural scientific and ecological problems. Team-oriented, in small groups, students on board of the Helio can complete an extensive programme and with simple methods they can experience nature and solar technology themselves.

During the expeditions competent pedagogical personnel accompanies school teachers and helps with advice and support. Contents for the two-hour school programme are:

  • energy (photovoltaic, mobility and energy, the solar site at Lake Constance)
  • limnology (life in and on the water)
  • protection of water (Lake Constance as drinking-water reservoir, development of Lake Constance, possibilities for pollution control)
  • geography (developments of landscapes at Lake Constance)

Apart from classical natural sciences the students become familiar with practical navigation skills (safety on board, social behaviour in group, orientation/ navigation).
Classes can gain financial support for solar boat tours from Allianz Environmental foundation. In such a way around 30 trips had been organized last year.