ECOLUP - sustainable urban and regional planning

ECOLUP (Ecological Land Use Planning) was prized as one of the 24 best EU-LIFE environmental projects in the period 2004-2005.

The International Lake Constance region possesses precious areas of unspoiled nature, cultural landscapes for life and work, and the responsibility to protect a drinking water reservoir for 4.5 million of people.

For the municipalities around Lake Constance it means especially careful managing natural resources, especially the finite ones.

Together with the city of Constance, Überlingen and Dornbirn and the market-community of Wolfurt, the Lake Constance Foundation started a pilot project for environmentally friendly land-use planning and eco-oriented town planning. The framework of ECOLUP concentrates on the application of the European Environmental Management System EMAS II for the prerequisites processes of urban land-use planning.

Within the framework of the project ECOLUP-guidelines were developed.

The ECOLUP project was completed, but because of its successes, a follow-up project was launched in 2005 under the name "Managing Urban Europe 25 - Sustainable Municipal Management".