Ecological Viticulture

Besides climate protection, preservation of biodiversity is one of the greatest challenges of our society. The National Strategy for Biodiversity (implementation of the UN treaty "Convention on Biological Diversity") has a vision of harmony between economy and nature. Even tough economy profits from intact nature and ecosystem services, the process of understanding this vision takes some time.

By working close to nature, ecologically cultivating vintners are already supporting biodiversity. Nonetheless, these vintners are highly motivated to contribute to biodiversity even more. Because not only at vineyards, but also at wineries as well as at sales or marketing, there are further possibilities to improve the business's biodiversity balances.
The Association of Ecological Viticulture (ECOVIN), together with its partners Global Nature Fund and Lake Constance Foundation, will analyse chances for protection and support of biodiversity at its associate's businesses and try to use them in order to support them in this important sector.

As part of the project "Nature Protection and Biodiversity Conservation as a Task for CSR in small and medium sized businesses", the three project partners are developing biodiversity checks specifically aligned to viticulture. This check will help analyzing 15 ECOVIN businesses concerning chances and risks in the matter of biodiversity, which are processed to distinguished recommended measures. The catalogue of collected experiences finally finds implementation in a special ECOVIN guideline to support biodiversity at viticulture.

The project's targets are:

  • informing and making all ECOVIN associates aware of biodiversity in viticulture
  • taking biodiversity checks in 30 ECOVIN businesses. Investigated are on one hand direct impacts, for which the vintner is responsible and which he can influence and on the other hand indirect impacts resulting from communication with partners/subcontractors
  • implementing specific measures for at least 8 businesses
  • embedding biodiversity in business's strategic planning in at least 5 enterprises
  • developing guidelines for integration of biodiversity aspects at ecological viticulture.

The project "Nature Protection and Biodiversity Conservation as a Task for CSR in small and medium sized businesses, Germany: Ecological Viticulture" started in March 2012 and will expire after a prolongation in December 2014. It is supported within the framework of the program "CSR - Social Responsibility in SMEs", supported by the German Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the European Social Fund.


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