Business and Biodiversity

Companies benefit directly and indirectly from diverse and intact ecosystems. But up to now only a few companies recognized the importance of biodiversity for their business and developed strategies and action-plans for conservation and sustainable usage of biodiversity. Even fewer implemented such a strategy.

Taking this into consideration the CBD signing parties passed on the COP 8 in 2006 in Brasil the decision VIII/17, which demands special effort to motivate corporations to stand up for the conversation of biodiversity and to strengthen the dialog between govermental and private agents.


1. Auction

Nature conservation has to be financed. Since public money will be even more scarce in the near future, an auction will provide a new and interessting way to raise money from regional economy to finance concrete actions.


First experiences suggest the following advantages of this new way to finance concrete actions:
• a concrete value is given to nature conservation
• higher willingness of local acteurs to invest in conrete and local projects
• corporations can present their efforts to conserve nature and ecosystems in a visual and direct way
• higher public awareness for the value of ecosystems

2. regional conferences

The conferences aim to continue the successfull expert-meeting from September 2008 which informed regional economic acteurs about business and biodiversity and motivated them by concrete example.

Suggested topics for future conferences:

  • biodiversity and environmental management
  • nature-friendly business areas