Bioenergy region of Lake Constance

The region of Lake Constance is one among 25 winners of the competition „Bioenergie-Regionen”, created by the German Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture.The regional concept for development, which was elaborated in a cooperation between the Lake Constance Foundation and the solarcomplex AG, was awarded for being a promising and innovative approach.
The region is supported for three years with a subsidy of 400.000 Euros.

This grant is used for communication measures like conferences, networking, study trips and studies to start new bioenergy projects and to spread innovative techniques in the two districts of Constance and Lake Constance. Even higher investments should be achieved by these activities to support the bioenergy inside of the region.

A sustainable development of bioenergy is the principal objective for the Lake Constance Foundation. The countryside should remain its unique nature and every single social interest should be participating at the strategy. An interdisciplinary task force with experts in the fields of agriculture, energy, tourism and conservation works out certain criteria for a sustainable and environment friendly utilization of biomass. These proposals are going public and are discussed several times during the whole runtime of the project.


Bioenergy exhibition – an example for publicity

The Lake Constance Foundation prepared a travelling exhibition, which treats multiple aspects of bioenergy. Its main message is how bioenergy should be used correctly. On the one hand, the exhibition informs about all the positive issues that bioenergy can provide, and on the other hand, it also warns about all the things that can be made wrong while applying bioenergy. Not only pure information is provided, but the exhibition also offers a chance to “explore biomass with all senses”.


What the exhibition contains

  • The different forms of utilization that bioenergy can provide
  • information concerning the sustainability and consequences of bionenergy application
  • which advantages using bioenergy domestically has, such as regional added value
  • the origin of using bioenergy
  • the various sources of biomass
  • a comparison of different energy carriers
  • an outlook on future-oriented technologies




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