“Goods from the Lake” - a new regional brand for environmentally friendly food from the Lake Constance region

In the times of discount-shops and worldwide food trade, is it not easy for customers to find regional products. One possible solution is to buy directly from the farmers. Another option is to buy the "Goods from the Lake". It is a regional trademark for products with a guarantee that they were produced in environmentally sound conditions and originate from the Lake Constance region. The Lake Constance Foundation is the leading initiator of the brand and supports it in current activities.

The "Goods from the Lake" label guarantees that the products derive from the area in a radius no larger than 40km from the Lake and were produced and processed in an environmentally friendly manner. The brand is being launched by over 45 members, form agriculture, food processing, wholesale and retail trade, gastronomy and large-scale catering - conscious about the quality of products and environmental concerns. This inter-sectoral union is unique in all of Germany. All participants, from producers to traders and gastronomes, are subject to independent quality control schemes, ensuring high transparency and credibility in the eye of the customer.

The members from "Goods from the Lake" act towards economic sustainability in the Lake Constance region. The board member, Christoph Hönig explains the chain relation between the purchase decision and the regional labour market: "People who decide to buy regional products put fresh and quality food on their tables, and simultaneously they help to secure work and training positions in the region. The money goes to regional small and middle-sized businesses and not to global corporations."


For more information, please visit the Goos from the Lake website.