Finished projects

Capacities for nature conservation in agriculture

Numerous agricultural farms provide important capacities for nature protection. The social understanding and recognition of these, mostly voluntary, environmental benefits is, however, often insufficient. Furthermore, many farmers lack the knowledge of how to achieve positive effects for nature and environment with simple procedures. Quality advice on environmental protection is the key factor for prospective goal-oriented nature protection in agriculture.


Ecological Viticulture

Besides climate protection, preservation of biodiversity is one of the greatest challenges of our society. The National Strategy for Biodiversity (implementation of the UN treaty "Convention on Biological Diversity") has a vision of harmony between economy and nature. Even tough economy profits from intact nature and ecosystem services, the process of understanding this vision takes some time.

ECOLUP - sustainable urban and regional planning

ECOLUP (Ecological Land Use Planning) was prized as one of the 24 best EU-LIFE environmental projects in the period 2004-2005.

The International Lake Constance region possesses precious areas of unspoiled nature, cultural landscapes for life and work, and the responsibility to protect a drinking water reservoir for 4.5 million of people.

For the municipalities around Lake Constance it means especially careful managing natural resources, especially the finite ones.

Flair - network for environmental education around Lake Constance

Environmental education with one click: at you can easily find offers for environmental education prepared by more then 250 organizations and environmental pedagogues from the entire Lake Constance region. Additionally Flair offers selected education sites around the Lake for your tours - simple, fast and free of charge.

Floating classroom with the solar boat HELIO

The Lake Constance Foundation has developed an educational programme "Floating classroom" together with the Environmental Foundation Alliance and the Deutsche Umwelthilfe. Thanks to the programme students and teachers have a possibility to get to know the Lake Constance, its nature and the solar boat Helio, as well as to catch up on photovoltaic-energy, water protection and environmentally sound tourism at and around the Lake.

Fruit brandy from Hegau - Lake Constance region: schnapps drinkers turn to conservationists!

Protection and development of existing meadow orchard crops in Western Lake Constance region is the central component of the regional nature preservation strategy. The poor economic situation of fruit brandy leads to insufficient care and use of standard trees.

Lake Constance Compact - Advanced Training for Teachers

On the Romans in Constance, cows at the swamps, the glacier at Höri or fleas in the water - the teaching staff got a chance to gain multifaceted knowledge about the Lake Constance and was shown some exciting open-air teaching sites during the four-day-seminar "Lake Constance Compact".

Lake Constance Pro UNESCO Cultural Landscape Initiative

The initiative "Pro UNESCO Cultural Landscape" was launched in 2005 by the Lake Constance Foundation and Deutsche Umwelthilfe. It is supported by numerous other environmental organizations from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as several municipalities around the Lake.

More information about the initiative at


Lake-Constance-Breakfast ... our breakfast! 3.6 million overnight stays at Lake Constance per year make the region one of the best known touristic destinations of Germany. Thus, hotels and guesthouses offer a huge potential to promote regional environmentally friendly food. Up to now this potential has not been properly used.

Landscape-Trail Hardtseen

The new trail offers on twelve boards entertainingly presented information on nature, agriculture and landscape in the protected area west of Gottmadingen. The project is implemented by the Lake Constance Foundation together with the local chapter of the BUND-Gottmadingen, local farmers and beekeepers and in close cooperation with de municipality of Gottmadingen.

Managing Urban Europe 25

Since the spring of 2005 The Lake Constance Foundation takes part in three-year EU project "Managing Urban Europe 25" and its German counterpart "Municipal Sustainable Management" (Kommunales Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement). The goal is to broaden the experience base for municipal implementation of environmental management systems, and additionally, building on these concrete experiences, to provide an instrument of sustainability management (Sustainable Urban Management - SUM) that European and German municipalities can implement and adapt, and pass on as a model for other municipalities.